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A short concise video detailing the law firm. Had a few problems playing the video so took a little longer to watch the whole video than expected. One of the things they state is that any employee in the state of Illinois who is injured on the job is considered to have a workers compensation claim. The attorneys of Grazian & Volpe in Chicago make sure clients get what they are entitled to.

Grazian & Volpe, P.C.
5722 West 63rd Street
Chicago, IL 60638
Phone: 773-309-4488
Toll Free: 888-841-1210
Fax: 773-838-8135
Chicago Law Office
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This is probably one of the longest videos I’ve found detailing their law firm. Almost 8 minutes long! Well produced and appears to answer a lot of questions people may have. They say if you were injured at work and denied workers’ compensation benefits, this is a must-see video. It will provide you with an overview of the legal process involved with getting you what is rightfully yours.

1-866-465-8795 312-781-1977 Attorney Santiago Echeveste of Seidman Law Offices in Chicago, Illinois handles workers compensation cases. He is fluent in Spanish & able to communicate with Spanish speaking clients.

Straight and to the point about what they do at this law firm. If you have been injured at work, then it is likely that you can bring a claim under the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act. But you may have other claims as well, such as if your injury was caused by another person who is not employed by your company. This is often the case when an injury occurs at a construction site, or if you were in a motor vehicle accident while you were at work.

The Law Office of Jeffrey Friedman, P.C.
120 South State Street,
Suite 400
Chicago, Illinois 60603
(312) 357-1431

Well produced video which provides a good overview of what their law firm can do for you. They state that you go to work to support yourself and your family. You don’t want nor expect to become injured from your job. Workers compensation (insurance) was created to help individuals like you who have been injured while working. It is designed to pay your medical bills, part of your lost wages while you cannot work, and also a settlement amount for any disability or permanency you suffered. Your focus should be about getting healthy and hopefully returning to work. Let us focus on getting you the maximum recovery for your injury. With the Pintas & Mullins law firm, you are not just a number. We treat each of our clients with the special attention they deserve. Call me now or complete the contact form on this page and we will answer your questions.

Pintas & Mullins
368 West Huron Street, Suite 100
Chicago, Illinois 60654

This is a good testimonial video which is well produced and provides great info on the level of service he received by the law firm. Your employer and the insurance companies have attorneys representing them, it is important that you have an experienced Chicago workers’ compensation lawyer assisting you. The lawyers at Rubens and Kress are experienced Chicago workers’ compensation attorneys, and have helped numerous clients recover financial settlements or tried their cases in court.

Workers’ Compensation & Personal Injury Attorneys
134 N LaSalle #444
Chicago, Illinois 60602
(312) 201-9640

This video provides a good introduction to the the Cavanagh Law Group. The personal injury attorneys at Cavanagh Law Group of Chicago, IL have goal for their clients to get back to their lives while they seek the compensation their clients deserve.

Cavanagh Law Group
161 N Clark Street
Suite 2070
Chicago, IL 60601
Local: 312-425-1900
Toll Free: 877-215-0517
Fax: 312-425-1904


Although not a workers’ comp law firm, it is a personal injury firm  which we still include in our listings. The Horwitz Law Group handles all types of personal injury cases, from catastrophic injuries to soft tissue cases. Contact the firm in Chicago, Illinois for representation.

The Horwitz Law Group
115 S. LaSalle Street, Suite 2600
Chicago IL 60601
Phone: 312-641-9200
Fax: 312-641-9201

Chicago Law Office

This video basically is a business card. Gets the point across but adding a voice over could help explain their firm activities. The Illinois Injury Law Center is a group of dedicated attorneys who are ready to navigate the complex legal system on your behalf. We have years of experience representing clients injured in accidents and will help you obtain the settlement you and your family deserve.

Illinois Injury Law Center
134 N LaSalle St
Suite 1850
Chicago, IL 60602

It only take a second for a trucking accident to transform your life. The Jasmer Law Firm in Chicago, Illinois investigates what really happened and holds the truck company accountable.

The Jasmer Law Firm
111 West Washington Street, Suite 1150
Chicago, IL 60602
Phone: 312-386-7011
Toll Free: 866-920-6021
Fax: 312-372-1974
Chicago Law Office
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This is basically a storyboard or billboard like video which lists their firms details. Doesn’t really use the power of video to describe what they do. However, one of things they have it “Free Consultation!” They go on to say, Elizabeth C. Ryan is a compassionate and proven client advocate specializing in personal injury law. We offer a free case evaluation and NO fees unless we win!

CHICAGO, IL 60602 (312) 380-1089 ‎

The skilled Chicago personal injury attorneys at Phillips Law Offices are often asked by their opposing counsel—and even their opponents—to represent their family and friends in personal injury and wrongful death matters. This fact speaks volumes about the nature of our practice. Phillips Law Offices is one of the oldest firms in Illinois concentrating in personal injury and wrongful death matters. From our offices in downtown Chicago, we assist clients in the following areas – Personal injury and wrongful death – Medical malpractice – Professional negligence – Construction site accidents – Transportation accidents – (auto, truck, plane, motorcycle, boat) – Products liability – Workers compensation – Mesothelioma – Traumatic brain injury – Pelvic Mesh Serving injured individuals and families in Chicago and the entire state of Illinois for over 65 years From offices in Chicago, the Illinois personal injury lawyers of Phillips Law Offices offer quality and comprehensive legal services to the injured and their families throughout Illinois. Call (312) 470-6761, or contact us online today for a free consultation with one of our attorneys about your case. You will find them at